Coming in from the Cold (part 3)

From Copenhagen to Vienna
July 2009 to September 2011
An Epistle

So we had to leave. We wanted more fun in life, local wine, a bit more sunshine and skiing at the doorstep. We will always miss the beaches, the friends, the forest next door, the quaint houses, and the funny, worthless currency with holes bored into the coins, but in the end, Austria won out on life-style. Quicker than you can say “Heurige tonight?” we started to enjoy the city, the bus line that comes round the curve next to our house every four minutes, the friends scattered conveniently close across the neighbourhood, the affordable cafés and restaurants and cinemas and outdoor wine bars (said Heurige). So there you are.

We were greeted back as if we had been studying arctic worms under the ice for the last ten years. Suddenly, we are going out five times a week. The kids are going to the movies with friends by themselves, mastering public transport more or less smoothly. Work offers are coming in more regularly, albeit not yet overwhelmingly so. And we have access to any sort of alcohol – if we want to, which we don’t – without having to show ID. It’s perfect.

Now what have we been doing in Denmark? Why did we move there? Was it work that brought us there? Studies? Curiosity? Insanity? All questions that we have been asked, and that merit long answers, although actually we don’t necessarily have any, at least no clear-cut ones. We have retroactively declared 2009-2011 our life’s sabbatical, even though Georgina has been studying all through that time for her MSc in Climate Change and Sustainable Development, and I did the occasional job for one or other international organisation. But overall, it was time to pull the brakes, after two very stressful but fulfilling years in Iran. And now it is time to move on.

More news when they occur.