British Embassy Tehran

On a serious note… the attacks by protesters against the British Embassy in Tehran has brought home to me again that I ought to do something with the large amount of photo material that I have still in my archive from Iran. These include pictures I have taken of the Residence of the British Embassy, which was able to take by invitation of the Embassy members one day in 2008, to document the historic relevance of the building and the artifacts that have been collected over the time by the various inhabitants of the Residence. I have sorted through the material and plan to publish them in the form of a book soon, but as a teaser I am publishing here the two drawings my children made of the building after a school visit by the British School Tehran to the premises.

My daughter Madelene's painting of the Residence when she was in year 4 of the British School Tehran, in 2008

My son Tristan's painting of the Residence, its garden and pool, when he was in year 3 of the British School Tehran, in 2008.