And now for something completely different.


[Notice: given last week’s events, I have currently suspended my series of photographs from Syria.]

So I’ve been to my first Comicon – the VIECC2015. It wasn’t my own choice because I had anyway decided to go with my son to some convention that would relate to his game-design studies; this one had simply been the next one coming up. I guess it was my fault since I had told him about it. He only picked up on the idea and asked, no, begged me to get tickets. So I did.


Surprisingly, it actually was fun. I thought I’d be totally outnumbered by nerds and people in funny costumes, and so I was! But rather than being weird and crazy, it was really full of good spirit and quite amazing to see people get out of their skins and slip into that of some character that would normally have no real life other than on the screen.

Being very much an uninitiated comiconer, I was virtually incapable to find out who all (I repeat: all – some were easy to recognize) the characters were I photographed, and even my son couldn’t help much. But I plunged right into the world of gaming and ‘toons and manga and Avengers and GoT and pokemons and avoided thinking too much about it. That helped tremendously.


So what was the event all about? Not sure. There were serious bits – presentations, autograph sessions, podium discussions. And outright fun events: jumping from 10m high platforms into Assassin’s Creed bouncy-castles (see the joker below), biting into giant coconut-sprinkled ice-creams and trying out Oculus Rift gaming devices (waiting time: 97 hours or so).


And then there were the artists and exhibits. Lines and lines of designers and tattoo artists and computer graphists and actors and whatnot. This line-up was spiked by groups of cosplay amateurs who at regular intervals walked up and down and posed for photographs with all their fans.

More than anything, the event showed how much creativity people can pull out of their mad hats (there was one Mad Hatter!) and I reflected afterwards how great it is that a free society can provide the space for such a forum where even the most outlandish ideas can simply be because they are entertaining, or fun, or tongue-in-cheek, or whatever. And this is great. Plus, I got a free light-saber the size of a pen – yeah!


For a more exhaustive collection, go here (click to the end of the “Candid” collection)



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