What to do with all the little video clips that gather dust on one’s non-linear editing software, without being used because they are too short, too shaky, too boring, too low-rez, with awful sound and terrible pans and tilts? Correct, you throw them away. Not so in this case. As part of my experimental series, which is really very much a cobbled-together set of mini videos that lack any kind of theme, I tried to find a common denominator for some of the clips I have collected over the years. The result: Motion! If you can tell me what the author wanted to convey with this piece, please let me know.

Chukka with Muybridge

A clip that brings together polo, the royal game, and the photographs taken by Eadweard Muybridge for a former governor of California, Leland Stanford, in 1878. The inspiration for the short came from a collection of photographs I had taken of polo chukkas being played in the UK and Austria. My brother-in-law introduced me to the game a few years ago and it has fascinated me ever since, even though I can’t play it much on the Continent – while it is a fairly accessible sport in the UK, it still retains its elitist status on the Continent. Happy birthday, John (said brother-in-law)!


And here it is. No, I won’t explain why the title. But I did spend some time thinking about it, and in my mind it now fits to the theme. I filmed these three girls at a friend’s house in Italy some time back and pondered for a while what I could do with the footage. In the end, I thought an experimental, mood-based clip would be best. The filming was done originally in black and white, which suited the atmosphere and had the added advantage that no complicated colour adjustments needed to be made.

There is not much else I can say about the film, except that there will be more experimental stories that will follow.

Fight City

Continuing my series of video clips. Here a short, still rather experimental one I shot in Bangkok two years ago on the iPhone and edited on the go with the iMovie app. I did two other such clips but that’ll be it – it’s too cumbersome and the results are… oh well, not phenomenal. Still, I like that I was able to use the footage I took in the Muay Thai training camp.