What to do with all the little¬†video clips that gather dust on one’s non-linear editing software, without being used because they are too short, too shaky, too boring, too low-rez, with awful sound and terrible pans and tilts? Correct, you throw them away. Not so in this case. As part of my experimental series, which is really very much a cobbled-together set of mini videos that lack any kind of theme, I tried to find a common denominator for some of the clips I have collected over the years. The result: Motion! If you can tell me what the author wanted to convey with this piece, please let me know.

Chukka with Muybridge

A clip that brings together polo, the royal game, and the photographs taken by Eadweard Muybridge for a former governor of California, Leland Stanford, in 1878. The inspiration for the short came from a collection of photographs I had taken of polo chukkas being played in the UK and Austria. My brother-in-law introduced me to the game a few years ago and it has fascinated me ever since, even though I can’t play it much on the Continent – while it is a fairly accessible sport in the UK, it still retains its elitist status on the Continent.¬†Happy birthday, John (said brother-in-law)!